Week 0: Thus it Begins

NOTE: Forget this post…it was during an earlier hopeful phase.

Earlier this week I made the decision to quit my day job.

For various reasons, I can’t leave until March at the earliest, which gives me a good 6 months to get this Romance Writing ball rolling. So instead of January¬†1, 2018 being my official start, I start now October 1, 2016. Sorry!

I consider this a good thing since I thrive under pressure.

Already it has forced me to figure out what niche I’ll be in and how many pen names to have. My plan is as follows:

  1. Have one pen name that writes the more smutty novella stuff that I can pump out more regularly, but still earn a decent amount to pay for the big stuff like advertising, editing, and covers
  2. Have another “serious” pen name that focuses on novels in a single niche that is very branded. I want people to 1-click the fuck out of that pen name and make money on it even when I finally reach Early Retirement.

There’s nothing I love more than a challenge so I’m turning this into one. Which Pen Name will be the bigger success: Smutty McSmutface or Serious Romance*?

If you look at the current Top 100 of romance you’ll see a mix of both, so it truly is a toss-up. My rules:

  1. I will dedicate an equal amount of time and effort to each. This doesn’t mean I’ll be doing the same exact thing for both, just doing what I need to in terms of what (I suspect) the audience would prefer. So for example, I won’t be hiring professional cover models for the Smut and Facebook advertising, which is notoriously prudish, will be tricky, but I will be very active with the newsletter, Pinterest, and Facebook groups.
  2. I will dedicate an equal number of words per day to each. This may be a switch off each day or a division of a daily total. I haven’t figured it out yet.

And we’re off! May the best pen name win!

*Note: when I say “Serious” romance I don’t necessarily mean my niche will be the deep and heavy stuff. For all you know I could be writing romcom!¬†

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